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Our partners

Support you won't find anywhere else

Our partners have allowed us to become the only venture studio in Canada, dedicated and optimized for the creation and support of university spin-offs developing quantum technologies.

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Our Financial Partners

Investing in the future of Quantum

Our Financial Partners have the mandate to create a transformative and vigorous quantum industry. They have built dedicated funds adapted to the reality of quantum startups, their high technological risks and the emergence of their markets. Our financial partners are involved at all stages of the studio program, from the selection of the technological teams entering the studio, to their development during the 3 years of the program.

Our Technology Partners

At the cutting edge of quantum technologies

Our Technology Partners provide the studio's startups with innovative, industrial-quality R&D and production infrastructure. They also offer expert technological support.

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Our Business Support Partners

Because it takes a village to “raise” a startup

A start-up goes through several development phases very quickly, all of which have distinct and specific needs. We have established partnerships with key players in supporting start-ups, allowing us to optimize the creation and support of university quantum spin-offs during their pre-seed phase by preparing their transition to subsequent phases. 

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